Energy Saving Tips

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Energy consumes a huge amount out of the family budget, with the typical household spending about $2000 or more every year on utility bills. But now is the perfect chance to assess your energy usage and begin saving today!

Join thousands of organizations, companies, and people in a nationwide effort to become more energy independent, enhance the environment, and save families hundreds of dollars in unnecessary energy costs by following these top tips:

Turn it off: Use timers and motion sensors to turn off lights and be sure to unplug TV entertainment systems when traveling (use power strips for simple on/off switching) and do not leave your personal computer and monitor on needlessly.

Don’t get burned: Lower the thermostat on your water heater to 120F. Water heaters are the next greatest source of electricity usage in the house.

Clean it up: Check furnace, heat pump, and AC filters once a month and replace them frequently. A dirty air filter can boost your power expenses and cause issues with your gear.

Time for a check up: Make your heating system checked up annually. A certified professional will make sure that your system is operating efficiently and safely. Checkups can identify problems early.

Stop the flow: Caulk and weather-strip around drafty doors and windows. Sealing your ducts may give big savings on energy bills and help keep you from turning up the thermostat due to one chilly room.

Have a walk: Circle your home with an easy-to-use spray foam insulation and search for openings and gaps around pipes, chimneys, lighting, windows and basement brick and cement work.

Program it: Install a programmable thermostat which automatically corrects the temperature throughout the day or during the night, preventing you from penetrating because you dash off to work. A programmable thermostat can save you around $100 a year. They meet strict new energy efficiency standards which will decrease your utility bills and help the environment.

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